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i want to upgrade a nvidia geforce 230 to a geforce 460. will i have compatibility issues???
system specs
aloe foxconn 785g ar2+ mobo
amd phenom IIx 945
6g ddr3 ramm
750g hitachi hdd
nvidia geforce 1.5g 230
300w power supply

i know i need to upgrare my ps to at least 600w but ill go 700-800. my mobo only has 1 16x pci e slots and 3 1x pci slots. im using i slot for my sound blaster card atm. i just dont want to open her up and sped money if the card wont work of fit for that matter. the 460 geforce is also DUAL width that is also another concern for me. any help would br greatly appreciated.
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  1. so long as you upgrade your psu and have your sound card in the last pci slot (for breathing room) you should be fine good gamming : )
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