Usb over current status detected - P8Z68-V

Hello everyone, as the topic says I am having the "usb over current status detected" error message on boot.

I have the P8Z68-V motherboard and have had it for a couple months now and works great.

I got a new power supply today and set it all up and it also works great, rather it seemed to :P

The problem is when I shut down my comp and turned it back on, I got the "usb over current status detected" msg, which then shut off my PC. I turned it back on and the error was gone and I could use my computer like usual. If I shut down my computer again and reboot, the msg would come back and shut down. Then the next time I turned it back on it would boot up fine and so on and so fourth.

I have 2 USB ports that I use in the back and I use 1 in the front.
1 in the back is for my printer, the other is used for my USB hub.
The USB Hub has my mouse and keyboard plugged into it, which are atm working fine (as I am using them now)
The one in the front uses my headset

Now another issue I am having and I think it may be related is that my sound card seems to be on the fritz now. If I listen through my headset (which is usb) it will lag and stutter, which cause the video to stutter.Disabling all the sound devices in the sound manager fixes the video lag issue.

I used to have it set up so my headset was my default communication device and my Sound Blaster card was the default for sound (would give me better sound quality) now I cant get any sound that way, and I have to have my headset as default and even then like I said it lags, as well as sometimes crackles real loud.

I have read the forums regarding this issue and thought maybe a fresh input with my details may get me some different results.

Thanks in advance
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  1. ok made some headway I suppose.

    like I said I have 2 USB ports in the front (which worked pre new power supply) And 4 in the back

    I did some trial and error

    1) I have the USB hub (has keyboard and mouse plugged in to it) plugged into USB 1 on the back it works fine.

    2) I rebooted my comp several times with only this device plugged in, no errors, comp loaded like normal

    3) When I plug my head set into either of the usb ports on the front and and have the USB hub still plugged into the back, I get the USB over Current error

    4) I then plugged the hub into the front ports, got the error both times, so that would pretty much confirm the 2 USB ports on the front have something wrong.

    5) Now to check the back ports I did pretty much the same test. When things where plugged into port 1, 3 or 4 (either 1 thing plugged in or having something plugged into all 3 at once) I got no error.

    When something is plugged into port 2 I get the error.

    6) so it seems on the back port 1, 3 and 4 work, and port 2 and the two front dont.

    7) Once the computer boots normal I can then plug say a USB key or even my head set into one of the ports that dont work, and the item will then work.

    So could this just be a seating problem? Like I said I installed a new powersupply right before these 3 ports stopped working, could that have anything to do with it? I could swap out the power supply with the old one, but I would rather try the easier possibilities first before I do all that again. I did check the voltage in the bio and its all in the correct range

    The Motherboard is seated properly, screws are not to tight, but tight enough so it dosnt move. Everything was working pre power supply so I couldn't have really moved the MB as I only touched it to plug in the two power connectors. But I guess it wouldn't hurt to check it all over.

    Also my sound card is not working right. My headset which are turtle beach px21 have both the normal plug and the USB plug.

    When I use the usb plug (no matter what port once its booted) I go to control panel - sound - playback and select the turtle beaches as default. The sound works, but its slightly broken and almost like a milli second slow. This causes the video to lag, if I disable them video works like usual. Seeing as its USB I am wondering if that could be related.

    As well as the USB the head set has the standard plug. Before when I used that and plugged it into the sound card and went to control panel - sound - playback and selected the creative speaker, I would get perfect sound, no problems. Now when I do that it cracks and hisses, and sounds like a old NES style machine gun... sounds pixalated if that makes sense.

    if there is any other info u need just ask :)
  2. Go to Advanced in UEFI and then neviage to APM. Disable ERP and enable the power on by USB and PCIe options. See if this averts the over current warning.

  3. listen i had the same problem and just fixed it one of your usb ports are broke in my case, ill call it the female part you know thee usb port thats in your tower that you stick your mouse keyboard usb wire into well that was broke and theres these metal things like lil combs and they where bent and i guess touching metal so i had to un bend them and my comp works just fine . someone mighta been jaming a plug in the usb port and broke or bent one or more of thee metal pieces but there should be like a black thing over the comb piece in my case that whole thing was broke off but its your usb port not your mother board or nothing its kinda like when u have a car and the battery or your radio ground wire touches metal and sends to much current through and it shuts your radio or kills your battery samething hope that helps
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