Need Expert advice on my intended new build?.

I am intending to build my first self assembled PC and would like to ask if someone could please take a look at the items in the link below and give me their opinion of it ie are all parts compatible, possibly better parts in same price range. I am mainly interested in a Home Media system with a small gaming capacity (FM2011 football game series) I have an 8yr old PC at present and would like to build this new one before the old one possibly goes kaput and I cannot get online for advice if any build problems arise. Thanks in advance for any help offered.
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  1. Two things that u would say about that
    Build. Firstly maybe you should look at the samsung f3 series hard drives, it will probably be faster and they are as cheap as well. Secondly, are you sure that you can't have the funds to get the HD 5770 oppose to the Hd 5750? There is Big performance increase for a relitively low price increase, meaning that it would be easier to game on should you want to?

  2. ^ i guess u wrote 5750 instead of 5570 which is included in his build.

    @bluesjunior Get Samsung F3 hdd and try to bring the GPU to 5750 at least if u fancy any games. If 5750 is out of ur budget as well then try for 5670.
  3. Thanks very much guys, I shall check that info out right away. Otherwise everything seems well?.
  4. I had a look over at Ebuyer and have changed out the Western Digital to the Samsung F3 but the 5670 and 5750 Graphic Cards in my price range are all GDDR5 and my components are all GDDR3?. I also noticed that there is a Sapphire 5570 a little cheaper than the Asus 5570 I have chosen in my link, which one would you recommend if I have to go with the 5570?.
  5. ^ i guess u r confusing ram ddr with gpu ddr. they aren't related to each other. All newer cards have gddr5 memory and they both dont need to be matched to work. Find yourself a 5670 or either 5750 cause 5570 is way low range gpu.
  6. Yes mianmars, I was confusing the two and thank you for enlightening me.
  7. By the way, what are the chances of getting much better value for money if I wait until next January to order components?.
  8. ^ hmmm nothing much, prices may fall by lets say 5-10% and u might be able to get a 5770 gpu etc.
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