I need help with directx11 on windows 7

I have windows 7 and need help figureing out what got deleted on my directx11 it shows my card fuctioning properly but I can't play an online game or watch movies, can someone help me please and thank u!
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  1. Click "Start", then "Run" and type in "dxdiag" on the line and hit enter to run the DirectX Diagnostic tool. It will tell you which version of DirectX you have installed. If you are not up to date with DirectX11, then go to this page to download the latest DirectX web installer:

    Or you can just skip the dxdiag tool and just go straight to the installer which will fix any problems.
  2. As MattO17secs stated, we need more information about your system/directx before we can offer any viable solutions.
  3. If you just run the DX installer, it will fix and update anything that may be wrong with the DirectX API. That will alow you to rule out any problems with DirectX, and hopefully fix the issue.
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