Gaming PC around $500-600?

Ok, I am new to this site, but it looks like a great place to start.
I am currently using a laptop computer, but am having problems with it and would like to get a desktop for a seriously better gaming experience.
I will be using the computer to play World of Warcraft, use facebook and surfing the web, such as ebay and that sort of thing.
My budget is about $500, if I have to go a little over I may be able to come up with $600.
I have never built a computer and have no idea how to get started, but I hear it is cheaper. I would kind of like a pre-built, but if it really isn't hard to do or someone has a really good guide on how to build one that would be great, and I may be able to try it, I'm just worried about ordering the stuff and then not being able to put it all together... Or are there any websites that build it when I order it or anything?
I will be building completely from scratch as I have nothing yet, so I will also need all of the peripherals.Thanks ahead of time, I really appreciate any and all help! =D
Also I do not know a lot of computer jargon, I am learning as I go so please bear with me
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    please read this thread first, it may answer some questions.

    yikes, 600$ and all peripherals? jeez cpu, hdd, video card, psu and you're hitting 400$ already.

    this is your thread too, right?

    Please don't do this.
  3. Yea, sorry, my laptop died and I though it didnt post the first one
  4. for $600, I think I can point out a system for you.

    just off the cuff, I can suggest:

    AMD 770 extreme 3 ($75)
    AMD Athlon X2 450 ($82)
    4 GB DDR3-1333 ($50)
    500 GB HDD ($40)
    GTX 460 768 MB ($135)
    Seasonic 520W PSU ($70)
    Rosewill Destroyer ($40)
    Cheap DVD Burner: ($18)
    Hanns-G 1366x768 Monitor: $90

    Keyboard/mouse: $15 - -buy locally
    Speakers: $10
  5. Where did you find all of this stuff ScrewySqrl so I know where to look?
  6. newegg
  7. Ok thanks
  8. Also I would like to add that I own all of the Sims 2 games and the first Sims 3 game. Will this setup work for that along with my others?
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