Catalyst and Updating

Prepost stuff:
Windows 7 ultimate - all updates

all 2005/2008 .net stuff from windows update

Was/Currently running 10.4 Catalysts

2x4830 crossfire

Dual Monitor setup

Was running 10.4 with my crossfire cards for the longest time, no issue... decided to check if there have been any new updates and see 10.9. Great! I download, install (over the top of 10.4 - as i do with all previous ATI drivers) and reboot...

Heres where the fun starts.

(Situation 1) System restarts normally... i get to the 'Starting Windows' screen with the Window Logo floating around...

BSOD!!! atikmdag.sys (/situation 1)

It restarts into repair mode, and fails.... I thus choose to revert back to a pre-driver install point and reboot... Back in business!

(Situation 2) I figured I installed it incorrectly, by keeping the old catalyst stuff on there. I uninstall Catalyst and drivers and reboot.... It restarts, but right as it gets to the "Starting Windows" screen (no Windows logo floaties) it'll quickly change to "Windows Loading files..." (/situation 2)

that tells me it wants to go into repair mode. Fine... Windows, you win. I go back to the same pre-driver restore point. Loads up fine.

Now, i'm thinking what the hell do i do now.... Reading up on some posts about atikmdag, I see driver sweeper and ccleaner as suggestions. Let me try those. Uninstall Catalyst NO REBOOT, run CCleaner, and restart.... same as situation 2.

Uninstall Catalyst NO REBOOT, run CCleaner, install 10.9, restart system... same as situation 1.

I'm currently out of ideas of what to try next.... outside of running driver sweeper (i downloaded it this morning before work - will try after) instead of CCleaner. Is there a process to this, that i'm missing? Uninstall, Driver Sweeper, Safe Mode, Wave Chicken Bones, CCleaner, pray, and install?

Hopefully you guys can help me out or guide me in a direction to get this fixed....

I could just leave it at 10.4, but wheres the fun in troubleshooting there?
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  1. Update:
    Uninstalled 10.4 drivers
    Hit F8, Safemode
    files begin to load, it hangs, and goes into the repair program

    However, upon hitting F8, i notice - Disable driver signature enforcement

    I hit that, and what do you know - it loads into windows... there i'm able to run Drive Sweeper, Reboot, hit F8, go back into windows and install 10.9 with no issues, no BSODs, nada

    However, I have to now hit F8 at every boot if i want to get into windows.

    Running SIGVERIF (signature verification tool), it tells me that over 56 atiXXXX (xxxx being different file names) are unsigned... pretty much all the ATI stuff..

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