Cpu z displayed two cores but now shows only one core

Hi, as I have a 2 core AMD Phenom II X2 555 CPU, as displayed in CPU-Z and task manager, I thought I would try out the process shown below. On reboot my machine would not restart properly and despite several attempts, by windows, to do a system restore, all of which failed; I almost gave up. In the end I managed to start it in safe mode. I immediately changed the setting in msconfig back to 1 processor. The system then rebooted OK, but now only shows 1 Core in CPU-Z. It also only shows 1 CPU in msconfig. Do you have any idea what is happening, or happened, and can you offer a solution. As you might imagine I am reluctant to change with msconfig again, and besides which, it now only shows 1 processor.

Tip used from Windows Tips & Tricks [newsletter@windowstipsandtricks.com]

Many computers these days have more than one processor - dual core and quad core. By default, Windows 7 only utilizes one processor when booting up. If you have a computer with more than one processor, there's a setting you can change that will allow you to use all your processors and should speed up your boot time.
1. Press the Windows button + R to pop up the Run dialogue box.
2. Type in "msconfig" and click OK.
3. Click the Boot tab and then click on the Advanced options button.
4. Check the Number of Processors box and then select the number of processors your computer has (usually 2 or 4).
5. Click OK.

If you're not sure how many processors your computer has, you can find out by going to your Control Panel and then clicking the System icon. This will give you specs on your computer. Under the System section, you should see Processor. If you see Dual or Duo, that means you have 2 processors, and Quad means 4.

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  2. Sadly I didn't get any useful information from the forum. Perhaps the qustion was too long, or badly wordered, to prompt an answer! However using severl other internet searches I was able to resolve the problem. Despite the lack of any useful answer I will continue to use the forum in the future.

    Many thanks for all who read the thread.
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