Problems with new rig

i5 650
MSI GTX 470 twin frozer 2
GA-H55M-D2H motherboard
Huntkey HK700-52PP power supply

I just got a new case and moved everything over to find that no matter wat game I play it lags completely no matter if it's new or old. First I thought it was my primary hard drive as it's windows rating has dropped to 4.2 but then I noticed using resource monitor that my cpu reach's 100% on ever game, which is new. Wat have I dun wrong I've looked again and I don't see anything wrong
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  1. What RAM do you have? and that PSU is crap....
  2. 4g DDR3 don't know the make
  3. We need know the manufacturer...
  4. Transcend?? that's the only name on the ram
  5. Ek het nie avg nie, en nee dit was warband, X3, Mass effect 2, DOA, lost planet 2, everything kills the cpu and lags like hell
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