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My games suddenly got laggy

I don't really know much about computers so i'm sorry if my following descriptions is a little stupid.
Anyways, I'm wondering what went wrong with my computer because suddenly all my games got laggy. I first encountered this problem playing warcraft, frozen throne. It suddenly has a lot more resolution options, including 1080p, which was not available before. Nonetheless, even if I stick to the resolution which i usually played on, it still laggy. The lag only disappears when I turn it to a much lower resolution setting. Moreover, I tried playing my other games like prototype, and i can't even play properly anymore because of the lag.
before this happened i tried cleaning up the insides of my PC(hardware) by blowing off dusts. I even took off the fan of my GPU, and I'm wondering if what I did will cause it to break? Even so, the fact that the resolution options changed makes me think that I might be having driver problems.. but I don't really know.. Help please?
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  1. oh and of course i put the fan back.
  2. What is your system spec?

    Did you try installing the GPU driver again?
  3. my gpu is a nvidia GeForce 9500 GT.. and if by driver you mean that 103mb file I downloaded from Nvidia, yes... is there any driver aside from that Nvidia windows display driver?
    my processor is an intel core 2 duo 2.93Ghz
    2gb ram
  4. 32 bit...
    my OS is windows 7.. my ram is usually just at 30-40% usage when idle.
  5. Did you check AA and AF, are they up from what they were?

    How about RAM usage when running game?
  6. For more resolution options to appear suddenly suggests some kind of updates have been applied, but it seems unlikely that all of your games updated at once.
    Still, a 9500GT is a fairly weak card. Take a look at the chart at the end of the monthly "Best Graphics Cards for the Money" article.
    What are the full specs of your system, including the brand and model (not just wattage) of your PSU?
    Unless your PSU is really bad, you should be able to run a HD5670 or HD6670 on it; either of those would be a substantial upgrade without spending a lot of money.
  7. uhmm... my power supply came with the case, so i'm guessing that it is generic... i'm not pretty sure but i think the wattage is 500watts...

    i know my system ain't great and all, and i don't really have any more budget to upgrade sooner. But the thing is, I wasn't having any problem before this. I was able to play all my games nicely, and suddenly this lag started. does it suggest some part of my PC is broken? am I wrong thinking that it is a driver problem or something like that? I kinda thought that it probably had something to do with what my games utilize to run that went wrong.
  8. what's AA and AF? sorry.. I told you i'm not that knowledgeable :(
  9. I tried playing warcraft, frozen throne. My ram usage was about 1.2gb or a little higher.. which is around 60%
  10. AA=Anti-Alias, AF=Anisotropic Filtering
  11. how do I check that?
  12. In game settings.
  13. okay they were set to application controlled. i tried setting them to 2x...
  14. If they were application controlled, that means the setting on the game is controlled by what you put on the game. Your game shouldn't be slowed down all at once as their game settings are individually set.

    Ok, do you have CPU-Z and GPU-Z?

    What are the readings?

    Also check msconfig and see if the cpu and RAM being restricted.
  15. I tried setting them off... it improved a bit. but the lag was still there...
  16. I'm trying to download GPU-Z now...
    i checked msconfig... in the advanced options, the processor and ram box are unchecked, which means that i'm not setting any restrictions right?
  17. Yes. Although now I think about it. The cpu tick only apply to safe mode so my tip for cpu is pointless. Sorry.
  18. can i possibly post jpegs here? so i can post the readings?
    nonetheless.. what the hell, my GPU temperature is at 107C ??? this is bad right??
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    Very bad. I think that is your problem. Bad gpu overheat and throttle slows the speed.

    Get a replacement quick!
  20. but how come it is like that?? the fan is turning at 100% :(
    I also have PC probe, and the cpu and ram temp. are only at 39C
  21. When you cleaned up GPU, did you remove and replace heat paste on heatsink and connect fan correctly?
  22. Oh yeah, I forgot that you took your gpu fan off.
  23. no... i didn't... the fan was probably connected properly, but i don't know anything about the heat paste...

    what should I do? if the heat paste is the problem, does that mean i could still correct it? or is my GPU broken now? i mean.. i'm still using it...
  24. Give it a clean with isopropanol, don't get grease on it and reapply the paste thinly with something clean and flat like a credit card.

    You probably find how to reapply on youtube.

    Try first and if gpu is still fried, then you have a nice excuse for an upgrade.
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  26. yeah, I guess I know what to do...

    thank you guys very much for the assistance... you really helped me here. I hope you guys enjoy a great life in the future. thanks again :)
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  28. No problem.
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