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I have a home built pc, approximately 6 months old and it is cycling the power on and off by itself. It will start up and with in a few seconds it will shut off, then start up on its own and shut down. It does this till I flip the switch on the PSU off, once I flip the switch on it doesnt begin this cycling till I try turning it off. Disconnecting the power switches and used the built in start button (Rampage Gene II board) with no luck. I removed the Ram, HDD, and cd drive and it still does it. I tried removing any unnecessary fans and checked to make sure the CPU fan is still working. Still no luck. What should I consider next?

cpu: i7 920
gpu: radeon 5830
NZXT Tempest case - I doubt it was an over heating issue, because the ambient temp in my apt is about 55 degrees and has tons of fans working.
mobo: Rampage Gene 2
ram: 6gb Ripjaw g.skill

It was gently overclocked but it was working stable at fairly low operating temps.

Any Ideas?
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  1. Well the power supply was the problem thanks malmental.

    But that leads to another question, why did my power supply burn up? It was a Corsiar tx850w should have been way more than enough to power my rig plus 11 cooling fans, right?

    to test out if it was the problem I pick up a corsair gs600, this isn't the one I ultimately going to stay with because I have plans to put a second 5830 in the machine as well as adding a single loop water cooling system. Any recomendations on which one I should buy? (would prefer modular, a range of prices would be nice.)
  2. Like I said if you could offer a few choices in different price ranges I would appreciate it. Im on a fairly tight budget but I notoriously will spurge for my computer sake. $130 would probably be my top end at the moment.

  3. Wow that Rosewill seems like a pretty good deal... not sure how I feel about the manufacturer but the price is right and the reviews are good. Think I'll try that one.

    Thanks for all the help malmental.
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