Recommended system testing software?

In a week, I will have finished my i-950 X58 Nvidia based computer. I know of various testing software, but it would be incredibly convenient and give me much more time to work on my chassis if someone knowledgeable could direct me to what they personally recommend for new system testing software. Does it matter what order I use it in?
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  1. If you're referring to stability testing software then get the following.

    Prime 95 CPU & RAM stability torture test (32bit, search 64 bit if you're on 64bit OS):

    MSI Afterburner GPU monitoring & stress test:

    Furmark GPU stress test:

    CPU-Z system monitoring software:

    Core Temp real time CPU temperature monitoring:

    GPU-Z GPU temperature monitoring:

    For graphical benchmarking, go to:

    for CPU benchmarking go to:
  2. Yes, I was interested in software that could seek out faults or defects with my new hardware. It looks like you may have adequately covered what I should look for though.

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