WAP54G access point strange issue

Recently we had an AP die on us on our shop floor and I replaced it with a WAP54G because we already had two that we use that are working great. The way its setup is we have 1 in the main office and 1 out on the shop floor and 1 in the back of the shop floor a good distance apart from eachother.

We use Symbol hand scanners here that connect via wireless. The problem we are having is I can connect in the office but as soon as I walk out of the office and on the shop floor the gun locks up and freezes and we lose connection on making the transition from the office to the floor.

However if I start at the back of the shop floor I will make the transition fine to all the APs even to the office 1. It just happens leaving the office and going to the shop floor. Its very strange and has me pulling my hair out. I checked for firmware updates but the APs are all running the newest one. Any ideas?
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  1. This is a bit of a stretch, but could the "new" old 54G have an old device address in it that conflicts with the hand held as well as something in the office? So when you start from the back, the office device is talking to the "new" old 54G and has control (or the "new" 54G resolves the address as not active so when you enter the "new" ones space coming from the back it hands off okay.

    When you are in the office, the WAP in the office has control of the handheld, so the "new" WAP may still be fighting with a device address but you don't know it because the one in the office has control.

    You should be able to see what devices are on the "new" one and assuming the only wireless that should be there is the handheld you are walking with it should show nothing until you come into it's range.

    Bottom line is I think you have a conflict that is always there when you start from the office.
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