CORE 2 E6600AND gtx560 tI

I ordered a MSI GTX560 Ti to replace a 8800gts that I thought was dead. I had to leave my present gaming system in Arizona as I was medivaced back to Canada in January.

The GTX560 is arriving today but I have managed to get the 8800gts going. I do a lot of FPS, COD Black Ops, BF2 BC, Medal of Honor etc.

Will I see an appreciatable difference with this card over the 8800gts? Ican probably o/c the E6600 to at least 3000ghz.

My PSU is an Antec 650W Tripower.

If it will get me through the summer I will leave my i7 and HD4890 in Arizona.

All opinions greatfully appreciated.

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  1. E6600 + GTX560 = Quite a bottleneck

    Okay so the 8800GTS is becoming an antique now but it should be able to play Bad Company on low settings, however your screen resolution plays a big part in that.

    Will you see an appreciable difference with the 560 over the 8800? Yes, and by quite some margin.
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