Psu and gpu for my first rig

i will oc and sli/cf

my parts are

Phenom 555
Asus 890gx pro/usb3
G.kill ripjaws 4gb 2x2gb 1600
samsung spinpoint f3 1tb
lite-on cd/dvd burner
Antec three hundred illusion

i dont know which gpu to get i will sli/cf in the future maybe after 1-2months after the 1st gpu, cant decide whats going to be better
cf/sli 5830 or 460 they are simmilar price "very", i was also thinking about 6850 kinda expensive but i will be able to afford will take longer than 1-2months though

i dont know what psu to get for future oc and my cf/sli goals
i dont know if corsair 750tx -$109+1.99s/h is enough or Rosswill bronze 1000w $99.99+1.99s/h is a good psu or are there better ones that will be the bang for my buck
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  1. we'll need a budget for the 2 parts.

    ATM newegg has 5870's for $222 after promo code and MIR. That would be your best price/performance.

    PSU wise, a XFX 750 is also $110 after MIR, and is a much better PSU.

    It also combo's with a 5850 to get both for $250 after MIR. This is actually the best price performance combo right now on newegg.
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