Intel GMA X4500 Onboard + HD5450 Simultaneous Operation?

I have a Gateway SX2802 that comes with onboard Intel GMA X4500 video. I have added a PCIe Radeon HD5450 video card which works great.

Ideally, I want to run 3 displays (2 from the HD5450) and 1 from the onboard video. Unfortunately, I have tried every combination of bios settings and I can't seem to get both video sources functional at the same time.

Does anyone have any suggestions?
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  1. Yep, It just cant work, because the display can only come from, the motherboard, or the graphics card, Unfortanetly only 1 can be used so in your case the Graphics card, but you can buy a graphics display splitter, so you can use several monitors with the graphics card.
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