No display suddenly, tried everything!

One day my display suddenly went, out of the blue. This was very strange so i turned my computer off and tried to boot up, with success.

After powering down for the night and turning on the following day, there was no display at all with everything seemly fine inside the computer.

After research, i got a new PSU, due to the fact mine wasnt very powerful with no success.

After more research, i thought maybe my MOBO was the problem, so i sent this back to ebuyer and received a replacement, after reassembling, still no success.

Is this a case of a failed CPU? It is really getting bad as my computer holds all of my college work!


750W PSU
ASUS P7H55-M Motherboard
2x Kingston 1GB DDR3 1333MHz 1.5V
Intel Core i5 750 2.66GHz Socket LGA1156 CPU

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  1. Please guys, really could do with some help :(
  2. Hello,

    Did you check to see if your HDMI cable was working ? Try plugging it into another device (like between your TV/tuner or something like that). If it doesn't work, it means it stopped working.

    What brand/model is your monitor ? Is it new or old ?

    Have you checked your graphics card ? Try swapping it with another one. It might have died.

    You could also try plugging your HDMI cable into another of the outputs on said graphics card.

    Does your motherboard make any beeps when it starts ? If so, post the code sequence here. Also, what is the manufacturer of your BIOS ?

    That's all I can think of now.

    Good luck !
  3. Thanks for the reply,

    It is a samsung pebble screen, it works perfectly fine as i have tested it with my laptop
    I currently use a 8600GT 512MB overclocked Nvidia card, i have tried hook the monitor up with this, i have tried using the onboard VGA slot, and the HDMI slot with my tv with no success.

    When i boot my computer, there are no beeps what so ever which makes me even more worried.

    Like i said, i have tried a new PSU, a replacement motherboard and all i can think of now is a dead CPU, it is still under warranty but do not want to send it back for replacement unless i know it has died, it will be another fortnight that i will have to wait too.

    Will appreciate any replies!

  4. In my opinion, this sounds more like a dead video card.
    It's much more likely than the CPU, especially since you haven't overclocked it, unlike your GPU.
    Do you have an old video card lying around that you could try ? That might be the only way to know if it's the CPU or the GPU.

    Also, do you have good airflow inside your case ? Is it very dusty ?
  5. I forgot to mention that the 'overclocked' is the version of the card i bought, i did not personally overclock the card myself. I have tried run the computer without the graphics card in using the VGA and HDMI ports on the board itself with no display. I have tried with an older PCI-e card which, yet again did not help :(

    As for airflow, i have a clear airway for the computer and i make sure that dust is not an issue, as i have had trouble with it in the past haha.
  6. Update, i have also 'breadboarded' the system, which did not resolve the issue or give me any display.
  7. Well, if you directly connected your monitor to the video out on the motherboard itself, that you have a new motherboard and a new PSU...
    Two things are left : the memory and the CPU.

    Again, if you have some memory sticks lying around, try to put them in, with only one stick.

    Also, have you tried to clear the CMOS and rebooting ?
  8. Maybe the BIOS is corrupted. Try pulling the mobo battery, disconnecting the power to the PSU (unplug it, dont just flip the switch), and waiting 15 minutes. Really, at least 15 minutes.

    After that, plug in PSU, turn on WITHOUT the battery on the board. See if it helps. If it boots, put the battery back in and reboot to set up BIOS from default.
  9. Just tried with one stick of RAM, nothing happens. Tried without any RAM and got my first beep, it was a longish beep followed by 2 short ones, which continiously occured.

    As for clearing the CMOS, i will try this now and get back to you, thanks for the suggestions!
  10. Just tried clearing the CMOS using the jumper cap way, and i also followed festerovics idea, still no good :( not looking good guys!
  11. Hey, I realized something: The h55 board is meant for a i series chip that has on-chip graphics in order to utilize the on board video connector. However, i5 750 is one of the only chips to not include on-die graphics. My PCs at work were specced this way, we had to use a graphics card to get video.

    Did you have a graphics card in this systm, or upgrade the CPU at some point, or do you have a different chi[?
  12. I have had a graphics card in the system the whole time, a 8600gt 512mb piece :-)
  13. That may be the culprit, swap it out. I agree with al360ex, it is more likely the video card went out than any other part on the mobo. Also, the "no ram in the board" test gave you a beep. That means the mobo is still doing diagnostics and is not dead.
  14. Yeah, I will pop and ask my neighbour now :)
    Thanks you two I will report back to you!
  15. strandty said:
    Thanks for the reply,

    It is a samsung pebble screen, it works perfectly fine as i have tested it with my laptop
    I currently use a 8600GT 512MB overclocked Nvidia card, i have tried hook the monitor up with this, i have tried using the onboard VGA slot, and the HDMI slot with my tv with no success.

    ...fortnight that i .....

    totally missed that post... but my other post was why the onboard doesnt work.

    LOL @ "fortnight" are you british or 90 years old?? haha
  16. Yeah I'm British haha :-)
  17. Back guys, new graphics card, still no luck :-(
    Any more suggestions or a dead CPU?
  18. Its worth a try to swap the cpu. I'm out of ideas.
  19. Thanks for all your help anyway :)
  20. 1. clear cmos + hold on power button with power supply disconnected from mobo for 30 sec.
    2. replace the cmos battery
    3. RESEAT the cpu, and make sure that cpu heatsink is properly connected there is adequate thermal paste and the 3/4 pin is plugged in. (could be a case of not recognizing cpu heatsink)

    how old is the comp?
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