Motherboard supporting dual tualatin and agp?

Hi All...calling on some of the seasoned knowledge for the Pentium III-S

I am building a system with very specific setup. I would like :

Dual Pentium III-S
AGP 4x
2gb RAM+ (ideally DDR)

Supermicro did a board with the Via Apollo 266T chipset but this did not support DDR.

Are there any other boards that meet the above spec +/- DDR support

There is a single socket 370 board - QDI Advance 12T - but can't even find one of these


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  1. The CUV does not support tualatin!?
  2. Bought it! Thanks!

    How did you find this? I have been searching ebay every day for a week!

    My searches are maybe too specific.

    Searching Pentium III-S, tualatin, ddr and ensuring the description contains AGP.

    This description was a bit sparse so slipped through the net

    This is better than the Supermicro P3TDDE i nearly shelled out $190 on (supermicro use the pro 266t but do not support DDR)

    Made my month

    Thanks :)
  3. Installing the 7950 GT AGP, 4gb of DDR400 (PC4000) and a 32gb IDE SSD...will be able to give FarCry 2010 mod a good run!

    See how it compares to my i3 GTX56ti SLI setup :)
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