Sudden shut down :((((

Hello guys, I have some strange problem with my pc and i dont know what's wrong my pc , its just started to shut down when i play games on "very high settings " I though it was a graphic card because it was too hot so i bought a new one its Radeon HD5770:

my pc specs:

motherboard: Packard Bell APL00

Ram: 4 GB DDr 2

Cpu : Quad Core 6700 @ 2.66


so lets say when im playing a game on high graphics after some time or instantly my pc just shuts down .. and i 've got no idea whats wrong :\ I also noticed that cpu's cooler runs very hot air out X_X but everest's temperatures are all okey :\

any help is appreciated :) thanks a lot!
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  1. What is your PSU, your PSU prob can't power your graphics card... Or its bad ram.. but its prob PSU
  2. The chances are you have a faulty power supply. Do you have to turn the computer off at the mains for a while before you can power back on? If so it is certainly the power supply.
  3. MY PSU says you should not exceed 300 -350 watts, and graphic card says that Recommented 450-600 PSU... so maybe this is my problem guys :X? should i get new better power supply ?:X
  4. i bought a new PSU 580 W and its all okey now. thanks very much too all who helped me! :) *.*
  5. After seeing your picture, I about to suggest you get a new PSU, glad that solved your problem.
  6. thanks very much :) ^,^
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