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Hey everyone got kinda technical question, recently upgraded from DDR2 mobo E5400 CPU to i5 2500 DDR3 mobo with 1333Mhz ram stick so anyway first thing I had to do was check my windows index rating and was impressed on my cpu rating but my ram was the same 5.5 rating as my ddr2 mobo, was hugely dissapointed as I thought ddr3 was suppose to be double the data rate than ddr2 so the question why is hasnt the rating changed?
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  1. The timings on ddr3 are actually a little slower (higher number = slower performance). I see modest improvement by increasing the ram quantity to 16 gb, but even 8 is plenty fast. You want the best bang for the buck increase, then switch to a sata III board and sandforce ssd. 60 gb is enough for several programs, but not for games. I paid $70 for my ocz after rebate. It's transfer rate with hdtune was around 400kb/sec.
  2. The windows index is a very rough guideline. In most cases the speed of your ram makes very little difference at any rate.
    If you have 4GB of 1333Mhz of ram, you have enough for most purposes including gaming. (except professional video editing and similar)
  3. Great advice but SSD aint exactly in my budget especially since I heard that they become slower over time the more you use it, i guess the real question should be how do bring that rating up to a good 7.0 or something there only with RAM sticks, should I make a dual channel or ad more or faster ram speed and could my FSB which is 100Mhz be having a affect?
  4. The FSB SHOULD be 100 Mhz. Dont change it. If you really want to throw money at the problem, get an 8 GB 1600 Mhz kit. the only difference you will probably notice is in Windows Experience index. (it is a horrible, irrelevant benchmark.) I have a G.Skill 2x4GB 1600 kit. It gives me 7.9. it performs the same as the crucial 4Gb 1333 before it. The only useful gain is in quantity which is what WEI (kind of) scores. My only gain using it is being able to use bigger photoshop projects.
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