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2x5850 crossfire doesn't work.

start with system setup.
i7-930 @ 3.3Ghz.
Corsair dominator gt 1600 3x2gigs
asus p6x58d-e
windows 7 64 bit
2x5850 Asus

Ok, so both cards work. tried them in single operation. removed drivers in device manager and installed new drivers. Newest ATI drivers don't work so I'm back to 10.8, this years earlier drivers. New drivers don't work for single card or dual card operation.

So with both cards installed, and the drivers freshly installed both cards appear in device manager, and it says they are working properlyl. In CCC ati overdrive however it shows both cards, but my second card reads 000 mhz core clock and memory clock. my primary card reads 400 core clock and 1125 memory clock. If i use amd gpu tool to set my clocks nothing in ccc changes.

If i play games with this configuration my fps falls soooo low. Like 30-40 fps for left 4 dead 2. So i'm sure the readings in ccc are accurate.

need more info? have any suggestions please send them my way. the threads i've found dealing with similar issues are way way way outdated, like 2+ years ago.
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  1. What power supply do you have running the system? There might be insufficient power to handle the second card.
  2. got it to work. I had to install the drivers and the application profiles together. works like a dream now. thanks for the inputs!
  3. Your 2nd card reading 0 0 is normal for Crossfire on the 5000 series. When you are not in a 3D app, the drivers put the 2nd card to sleep.
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