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Radeon HD 5830 gives me continuous beep on startup

I'm installing a new asus radeon hd 5830 pci-e card and when i power on it gives me a continuous beep noise. The card came with this power connector:

I shut off the computer and removed that connector. I used a 6-pin connector from my power supply that i didn't see at first and connected that instead but it gave me the same result.

There's also a 8-pin connector on the video card next to the 6-pin connector that i left alone. Not sure if I'm supposed to plug anything into that 8-pin spot?

I have a BFG Tech ATX12v 2.2 GS series power supply.
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    Plug everything into the card that you can.
  2. jossrik said:
    Plug everything into the card that you can.

    And I did just that. Found a 8 pin (6+2 pin) connector tucked away and connected it along with the single 6 pin connector and it's up and running. Thanks!
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