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Hello, I need a new graphics card so I can play my favorite games like tf2 and l4d2. My computer is a piece of crap (HP Slimline s5414y)and this card might fit in my mini computer. My main worry is the minimum watt it needs, it says it needs 350w and my computer only has 220w. My friend said he contacted HP and talked to them and they said that if my computer has 220w it can handle anything over it, just nothing lower than 220w. This makes no sense and every time I ask my friend if hes positive he gets all pissed off. Is this true or will i need a new power supply?
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  1. Your friend is stupid, you need a new PSU.

    What HP means is your computer can run on anything from 220w or higher.. WITH CURRENT SPECS..

    You will need to upgrade your PSU if your upgrading your graphics card.. I'll let other people deal with the exact amount as I have to go soon.
  2. Alright thanks, I am for sure getting a new power supply. Its going to be a micro since my computer is a slimeline. Now my next worry is whether this low profile card will fit in my computer? Will it?
  3. I'm trying to remember if the 9600GT needs a PCIe plug. I think your better off just getting the 5570 or some other lower end card. As long as the resolution isn't to high you should be ok with steam games. 1440x900 should be ok, might need to leave some options turned down/off. Besides the slim line PSU and need for low profile GPU, I get the feeling your CPU probably isn't up for higher end gaming anyways. Just get a 5570 or some other card.
  4. Which means it uses less then 75W. Worst case, 75W for the GPU, 95W for the CPU, and another 50W for the mobo and ram, and you're looking at around 220W for the system. I have no idea what CPU he has so he might have one of the 68W CPUs. I don't remember off hand what the draw is for the 5570, around 45 or 50 I think. Will give him DX11 and eyefinity (for office apps anyways...) so I'd stay with the 5570.
  5. Hello all,

    I got a galaxy 9600GT low power low profile and put it in my acer SFF with only 220w psu.
    I had over heating problems.
    I was worried that the card was incompatible with the pc and that the faulty performance was caused by my tiny psu in some indirect way.
    I RMA-ed it.
    They sent me a new one.

    I reinstalled it along with a case fan and now the new card runs beautifully without a problem. Idles at 45C, with a load it's never over 75C and the fan stays under 50%. I sort of think I am trying to over do it with this machine anyway. But its working fine, so I guess it's OK!

    See my post in another thread here:
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