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So, I'm just looking for info on what my system would be worth. I have been considering going to a desktop replacement laptop with a Core i7 or something with an Nvidia chipset and then hook it to external keyboard/mouse/monitor when I want to game. What do you guys think I could get out of my rig now? Here are the specs:

Antec Three Hundred Case
750W non modular PSU (name eludes me right now)
ASUS P5Q3 Mobo
Intel C2Q 8200 2.33 GHz, Prime stable at 3.01GHz
Corsair H50 water cooler
4x2GB PC3-1600 DDR3 OCZ Platinum RAM (8gb Total)
HIS Radeon 5770 1GB GDDR5 Discrete Graphics
WinTV HVR-1600 TV Tuner
Linksys WMP600N Wireless N adapter
1TB Western Digital Green HDD
750GB Seagate Secondary HDD
Lite-On BD-ROM DVD-Rw DL with Lightscribe
TSST DVD-Rw DL with Lightscribe

What do you guys think? I'm thinking REALISTIC- $600
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    Pricing a used PC is kind of like pricing a used car, the owner will always think it is worth more than it really is. While it is a nice system, I wouldn't expect to realistically sell for more than $400-500. Seems low, but here are some of my reasons:

    1. The system has been OCed.
    2. C2Q is previous generation tech
    3. 5770 is mid-range
    4. Tuner is passe (not relevant)
    5. System has no warranty

    See what I mean? Not meant to insult, just lokking at it from a buyer's viewpoint.

    What you might consider is selling the piece parts individually. You would probably see more return (net) than selling as a complete rig.

    Your call and good luck!

    BTW, thank you for your service as a "first responder". HOOAH!!!
  2. Continuing the car analogy, selling a used car for parts is always better than selling a used car. Its just harder. But for a PC, it isn't as hard. Take your PC apart and sell the parts, you will get far more interest.
  3. Perfect. That were the responses I was expecting to hear. I just wanted to hear it from someone other than me!! I figured taking everything apart would be more beneficial, and I think that's the big reason I haven't made the step to sell my gear for a laptop. Besides, if I had a laptop, I wouldn't be able to order cool (that's read as frivilous) fan controllers with touch screens (yeah, I just got an NZXT Sentry 2).

    Anyway, thanks to both of you!! @ COLGeek - GET IT RIGHT, I'm an ambulance driver, not a first responder!! HAHA
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