P7H55-M Pro mother board disable internal graphics

I want to upgrade my p7h55-m pro to a I7 with a visiontek hd 6670 graphics adapter. currently running windows 7 64bit, 16 GB ram with an i3 clarkdale cpu. I am running the latest bios (1709) which Asus says will support the I7-870 processor..

My thought was to first install the new video card and get that fully functional then change out the CPU.. However the MB/bios will not see the video card at all.. I checked the bios to insure PCI was the first detected (PIC/PEG)and that is all correct AFAICT. I have read that Something about Intel Clarkdae cpu's disabling the PICe port on Asus MB's but not sure. Does the bios options change with in insertion of the I7 CPU? Can't get the new card to run (It is new and runs on another MB) Can't seem to disable the onboard graphics either. . What am I missing? Do I have to install the I7 first?

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  1. I would think choosing PEG/iGPU would be the correct choice, not the PIC/PEG. You want the BIOS to first look for PEG (PCIe Graphics) first, not PCI graphics.
  2. ok, tried that and nothing. Tried all the settings (including PEG+IGPU) and no-go.. Confirmed video card is working on another MB. Do I need to install the I7 cpu first (was trying to avoid that to make sure the video was working first)??

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    I have read that Something about Intel Clarkdae cpu's disabling the PICe port on Asus MB's but not sure.

    I haven't seen anything like that, no. And there's no reason you would have to install the new CPU first to get the graphics situation resolved. On a separate note, some folks feel it's best to re-install the Windows O.S. whenever you make a major change like the CPU. Although, moving from an i3 to an i7 w/o doing that should not be your problem.

    If it were me, I think I would make an 'image' of the HDD as it is now, and install the i7 & new garphics card and fresh install Windows. If Windows 'sees' the new card w/the i7, you may have a faulty i3 CPU on your hands. It may not want to give up the Graphics system to the discrete card.

    Dumb question: you did remember to move your monitor from the integrated DVI port to the new card's DVI port, right? Sorry, had to ask.
  4. yeah,, but thanks for asking.. However, having said that , the first time I did it I did forget.. lol..

    Think i will go ahead and put in the I7 and see what happens. ;).. I will report when I "get back" ha.
  5. So, solved.. Thanks for your help!!

    As it turns out you have to install the Lynfield CPU for the bios to allow the video to be recognized and configured. The MB (bios) removes the clarkdale settings completely and allow for the PCIe slot to function. Changes the entire bios settings (add and removes some settings). I put in the I7 870 and the visiontek card and everything came up. Took me to bios first so i could confirm settings then the system booted to windows 7 pro. After windows had detected the changes and installed the drivers etc all I had to do was uninstall the intel gpu drivers and install the visiontek drivers.. Made a few adjustments and it is off and running. Sure a lot better than the I3. lol..

    Again, Thanks for your help;.. there is absolutely no documentation about this from Asus. :(.. Would have made a lot easier if they would just document this better but this is usually the Asus way.. They are better now then years ago but stil need improvement..

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