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Crappy Performance

I just recently formated my computer and installed a copy of Win7 64bit ultimate.

However certain games such as Oblivion I have installed doesn't seems to recognize my graphic card.
I could still get in the game but the frame rate is around 14-15 which is skipping like crazy, I tried to reinstall the video driver and Direct X driver which doesn't help at all.

Following is my comp's Specs

CPU: Intel I7 920
Mother Board: Asus P6T Deluxe V2
Memory: Corsair 3 X 2G Tri Channel
Graphic Card: Asus Nvidia GTX295
Hard Drive: 2X !TB Western Digital Black FALS Raid 0

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  1. Have you tried other games too ? If your performance is fine,then try enabling V-sync/download the latest VGA drivers and see if it helps.
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    With those specs, and considering that youve redone driver/DX, it could be a bad install of the game itself
  3. thank you I will try the things above and see
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