Odd power supply

looking to replace a psu that came originally with a mini case (squarish shape) but run into trouble finding a replacement on newegg.
the issue is size and shape required for fitting the psu into this case.
here is a pic from newegg of what it looks like as far as fan and receptical orientation:


the bolt pattern i need is square. the depth is about 4" as opposed to a 6" depth, and the cords coming out of the unit i have to replace exit from the bottom and not from the back as most power supplies.

it requires a four pin for the cpu on the mainboard, sata as well. :whistle:
any ideas on what to search for? where to find it?

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  1. thanks for your time. those links are good options but the thing is just to deep in size. square bolt pattern would line up though.
    thanks again. i will keep at it!
  2. looks like i am down to a new case!
    no other options present themselves while searching for a match...
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