Did i get ripped off? Pny Quadro 1800

hey i just bought a Pny Quadro fx 1800 video card today from craigslist for 200 bucks and it came with a nvidia geforce 6800. I thought it was a bargain since newegg has it for 400 still and the 6800 was a nice deal sweetner, but i primarily want a gaming machine with video editing as a side thing. Now I dont come across 200 buck often so would you guys have made this purchase, and since i have a xfire mobo im not sure if getting a sli setup for these two is worth it? Basically is there a 200 dollar card that will outperform this '200' dollar card in gaming that you would have bought otherwise? If so this thing is back on craigslist, thanks. I say ripped off because even at a 200 dollar pricepoint the 1800 seems a little underwhelming coming from specs as i have not yet built it yet.
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  1. For gaming its not the best card.. Its a workbench card.
  2. Say i sell the 6800 for 40 bucks making the quadro a 160 dollar card, it is still outperformed at that price? Kinda odd since its 400$ eh..
  3. The cards are optimized for coding not gaming, but I am not an expert, please wait for someone who knows more about these cards...
  4. Gaming with a 6800 is a bad idea these days. (unless you got one cheap and its AGP) I don't follow the Quadros so I have no idea about it at all. I do know they don't game very well, so if you have $200 you should have bought the GTX460. (or the 5830 if you find one cheap enough) These would have gamed better then the quadro.
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