Want factory settings for HP Compaq dc5000

Hello,My HP Compaq DC5000 sff dx854av IS INFECTED I cant format drive "Error 0x0008..." or I cant remove the virus in the registry "permission denied" I took out drive and slapped in a live cd (hirens HBCD) and the virus remains on phantom drives "A:" "B:" "R:(RAMDISK)" and "X:" so the drive was reinfected after i took it to freinds house for format reinstalled and it was immediatley infected so How do i flash rom or how do i clear memmory thats infecting my computer i wish to set to factory but as this was bought at a swapmeet i dont have the oem disk...please help
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  1. You need to know which virus has infected the system first.
    Then you need to google for a standalone patch to clean it.
    That's all it would have needed. now you need to setup the whole system again and then get into the same process of googling for the standalone patch or cure....

    If you feel that the Virus is resident on some part of the computer, then kill it, by removing the CMOS battery..... then starting it, switching it off,clearing CMOS, Inserting battery etc etc .
    Clear the CMOS reset it all to defaults. Make sure that the HDD's recovery partition is clean of the Virus too......
    And then start the rig and see what happens......
  2. Thank you ...but you mean like take the drive out,clear cmos (reset) Then taking the drive somewhere to clean? because I cant leave the drive in and clear cmos cause then the drive will reinfect the memory again ..before ComboFix was disabled by virus it said "VIRUT BM" then GMER says "Win32Virut" and "Murlo Downloader" so do I .......I dont know? :cry:
  3. No, I don't mean take the drive out , clear cmos, then taking the drive onto another rig and cleaning it.
    You needed to leave everything inside it.
    Then get into windows and do this....
    "To remove Win32/Virut.BM, you must first stop any Win32/Virut.BM processes that are running in your computer's memory. To stop all Win32/Virut.BM processes, press CTRL+ALT+DELETE to open the Windows Task Manager. Click on the "Processes" tab, search for Win32/Virut.BM, then right-click it and select "End Process" key.

    To delete Win32/Virut.BM registry keys, open the Windows Registry Editor by clicking on the Windows "Start" button and selecting "Run." Type "regedit" into the box and click "OK." Once the Registry Editor is open, search for the registry key "HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Win32/Virut.BM." Right-click this registry key and select "Delete."

    Finally, to completely get rid of Win32/Virut.BM, you must manually remove other Win32/Virut.BM files. These Win32/Virut.BM files can be in the form of EXE, DLL, LSP, TOOLBAR, BROWSER HIJACK, and/or BROWSER PLUGIN. For example, Win32/Virut.BM might create a file like
    %PROGRAM_FILES%\Win32/Virut.BM\Win32/Virut.BM.exe. Locate and remove these files."

    Certain virus/backdoor/trojan have very peculiar ways of infecting the system, so, they have a very peculiar way of being removed too.
    Most day to day ones are scanned and removed by the AntiVirus we use but for some the company provides standalone files to be run since these viruses infect exe's and other major file extensions, they require very special care for removal....
    Try this method and let us know....
  4. NO it wont work Im prevented from anything that will hurt the virus its "Terminal Process Virus" I'm through I have to live with this thing or get rid of my 4 computers..Ive been formatting and shredding and wiping for days (Live CD's dont work) its got control totally .I tried format from a dos disc 6.2 and it says that I cant format a network drive (its got phantom floppy drives A:, B:, and an X: Drive ) that has all the corrupted files for linux and windows , so that when I do install it automatically adds its files at the same time..and thus infected again, The A: Drive is a floppy 3.5 2.0MB that actually ties into my hard drive as the boot sector 0,0,1 and it acts like the first partition of my drive yet I have no floppy drives on my system !!
    The BIOS is a fake that wont allow me to adjust the C/H/S of my drive it has a floppy controller that I Cant disable and sometimes a password is added..the infection has its own kernel and OS System on my drive someplace? I was able to spy it out using Photo record file recovery ...the virus has hidden nulls in my registry and adds its own Builtin USERS,GROUPS, and DOMAIN the built in group writes policy preventing me Administrator rights ,Im not allowed certain websites (error message 404 or server not found ) these would be the antivirus sites and Downloads such as my TuneUp 2009 program,when I do manage a download it adds files and folders that look like they belong to the program and you cant delete them because of "TRUSTED INSTALLER" and diminished Admin rights "Access Denied" "You may not have the required permissions" or ask your Administrator for help !! ......Recovery Console is of no use as my keyboard is changed into a Russian language and the +,\, and / keys are deleted , Active Kill disk doesnt work because of error messages such as "runtime error" parse error" and then it reboots DBAN No the same
    HIRENS Ultimate live CD is prevented says files are corrupted or it corrupts them with its own .ini and config (.cfg) files it has stored away ...so when I run MHDD program it cant find my hard drive "BULLSHIT" This damn thing just lies and lies, I get these 404 or Server not found messages on my browser...so I go and check out the source of the web page and guess it wont let me see them..i copied one then looked at it in notepad and it led directly back to the help files on my system a script file .jre? java it uses scripts to prevent alot of things on my computor....so you see theres really nothing I could do really...I need help or answers MICROSOFT wont hear me..the only help I recieved was through COMODO free internet security and its geek buddy The guy took control of my computor and ..just really had no words said I need to contact MICROSOFT and was trying to upload some of my infected files for analysis but he couldnt upload them..so Ive managed a few and will try to upload them to COMODO..ANY HELP SUGGESTIONS ILL HEAR MORE as Ive been given everything to try even up to taking a big magnet to my hard drive..
    THANK YOU and Merry Christmas
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