Msi g31m3 v2 supported graphic cards

I have MSI G31M3 V2 Motherboard

So can you tell me the Graphic Cards that can supported on my Motherboard and which is the best in all of them ?

And i also going to upgrade my processor to Core 2 Quad so tell me which graphic card is best for my Motherboard
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  1. Your board has a PCIe 16x version 1.0a slot. It will support any card that is out with the exception if the card is version 2.1 there might be some issues. The best cards on the market are HD5970 and GTX480. Both cards are probably an overkill for your system, are expensive and require big PSU´s. Based on what resolution you have on your monitor I would recommend either HD5770 or GTX460 for your system.
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