Should i upgrade from 4gb ram to 8gb?

Ok so just wondering if my computer would gain some speed by upgrading the ram on it. My computer specs are:
Amd phenom II x4 955BE
Amd radeon 6850 1GB
2 x 2 2gb kingston ram ddr3 1600mhz

i guess i wont have to add the other parts there, so just wondering if i would gain some speed on it oh and the upgraded ram will be the same as the old ones.
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  1. No you wont gain any speed. More RAM can be useful in applications that require a big footprint in RAM or when you are doing such things as video editing (though 16 GB is recommended so the cache can assist when rendering large HD files for instance). But your games and standard applications will not benefit at all. Save your cash and get an SSD if you want to see a real jump in performance.
  2. You might run across a game that requires a lot of ram but those would be few and far between. The newer games that are being released are starting to require better video cards , better cpu and before you know it better or more ram. Just like each new version of Windows works better with higher amounts of ram even though the spec's still say it will work on a low amount , in the real world windows does work better with more ram. So if you have the cash and want to get 8gb of ram then go ahead it certianly won't hurt , but don't expect to see a performance increase even though there may be one however small and ram is real cheap right now. Like Wamphryi said a real noticeable performance increase will be seen with a SSD as your boot drive.
  3. Ok, I might have to disagree with some of the replies. By having more RAM, you should see a performance increase in your gaming. expecially mulit-player. The more RAM, the less the system has to move information from the HD to the GPU. Like Maps and such. I may be wrong, but I may not be. Good question. I currently have 6 GIG and want to get another 6 to bump my ssytem up to 12 GIG. One of my homies said he saw an increase when he bumped up his memory..
  4. First, a 64-bit OS is required for anything >4GB. Second, yes you will gain some frames (FPS) especially in 64-bit games. See ->,2778-8.html

    The primary issue is keeping the 'Shared Memory' to your GPU maxed-out and the HD 6850 probably uses 2800MB (2.7GB)~3700MB (3.6GB); in Windows 7 see the WEI details page.

  5. Alright thanks for your answer guys!
    i see that theres some nice changes with the fps so i will probably upgrade, and it will only cost me 30 euro so :D
  6. The best is to add IN PAIRS the same exact kit, the second best is the same Brand & 'Series' {different density i.e. GB} of RAM with the same exact Frequency, CAS timings (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS), and Voltage {IC family}, and at the bare minimum same exact Frequency, CAS timings (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS), and Voltage.
  7. yea planning on doing that becouse the ones i will buy are identical to the old ones :)
  8. ...just a little CYOA...ounce of prevention...Good Luck! :)
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