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I have bought an Acer G195HQ 18'5 LCD monitor but after fitting it I'm getting an error message "No Signal" but after that it runs just fine.I thought it ws an issue with power coz I've lyk a 15 yr old APC UPS 500A.So I plugged the power cable directly to the power plugs instead of the UPS.Still no luck.
Then I thought there may be problem with display adapter so I unplugged it from the graphics card and plugged in again.Same result.
Changed the graphics card bought a new one.Same probs.
Wat the hell is wrong here?
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  1. ok will try that

    any other suggestions?
  2. lets jst see if changing the cables to converter helps
  3. Exactly same problem. It was the VGA cable.
  4. I hate the way these monitors make a 'cry baby' out of themselves
  5. I bought this monitor 3 months back. It worked good till recently. From last week onwards, it started showing artifacts on screen. Then windows freezes up. I thought it was graphics card issue, so bought a new card. Then again the problem occured. It only works for few minutes,then computer locks up. Tried swapping ram,hdd,psu,processor and all. Reset the bios. Still no luck. Now whats left to check is the mobo and monitor. What may be the problem? I emailed acer tech support but haven got any reply. .Please help.
  6. ^ urs seems to b a typical cpu/mobo problem.If u had overclocked ur system b4 nd dat resetting the bios isn't working,then try underclocking the FSB by 50 or more MHz,u can reset ur settings again after using this setting for one week.
  7. ^^^ Hi Anik8 thanx for quick reply.. Can you pls be more specific about that part? I bought this mobo+proccy from my friend. He may have overclocked it. But I haven't done it myself yet with any components. I have cleared cmos several times,but still my problem persists. If the board is OC, will resetting the BIOS change everything back to normal? I would like to know how to underclock it..My BIOS is Phoenix Award version 2.3 dated may 2007. Motherboard is ECS RS232 MM customized for Acer power series desktops..
  8. Here's a screenshot when my system freezes.

    The color depends on the wallpaper or window backgrounds. Also if playing games or videos,it freezes within seconds. Also does the same when using my internal tuner card. But the sound still continues to play when using tv tuner eventhough display locks up.. These problems occur only if I install the onboard graphics driver or with the new gpu driver. The system works for around 2-3 hours if I uninstall the graphics drivers and at native 800x600 vga resolution..

    The eventvwr shows some errors like "Microsoft.VC80.MFCLOC sidebyside event id 59 or 32 " coinciding with freezing time. I tried installing XP around 15 times this week when testing various components..

    What may be the problem?
  9. graphics cards also make problems with screens while this can also be a monitor issue but the behavior of the OS also seems strange.
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