New homebuilt system up for over a week now won't boot Fans/Lights on

As the title says, I just built a brand new high end system. It was up and running over a week then I got home from work one day and it was off. I turned it back on and it just went off again after about 5 minutes, then wouldn't come back on. I opened up the case and saw that when I pushed the power button, the fans and lights came on but no video and no post.

As I understand it, it's either the power supply (lack of power), bad motherboard or bad cpu. I don't have too many spare parts laying around so please advise how I can narrow down on what the problem is.

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  1. You're going to need to acquire some spare parts if it can't even boot. I'd start with the CPU.
  2. I've already sent the power supply out to corsair to be replaced. I talked to them on the phone and they seemed to think that was the issue. Is there anyway for be to diagnose a mb vs cpu?
  3. Motherboard diagnosis should only be made when all other components have been categorically ruled out as motherboard faults can affect anything & everything.

    The best way to differentiate motherboard vs CPU is to drop a CPU that is known to work fine in the board.
  4. Ok... I appreciate the info. So lets assume I just found this problem. Where do I start or maybe a quick list of steps to try with what I have.

    I do have an extra power supply that I can plug in. Whats first? plug in power to mb and disconnect everything else then try?

    What am I looking for as far as results, whats good or bad?
  5. You'll want to unplug everything that isn't needed i.e sound card, storage drives, disk drives (you'll need OS boot drive).

    If you want to test the PSU, plug the spare in to the system and test it. If it boots fine then you know it was the PSU.

    So booting = good, no boot = bad.
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