Im looking to sell my custom rig wanted some expert input on it

im asking $1500 what do you guys think does that sound fair?
q6600 core 2 quad processor
8 gigs of corsair pc6400 800mhz (with the silver built on heatsinks)
evga 780i 3 way sli board
zalman heatsink and cooling fan
2x xfx 9800gtx video cards (at the time i built these were the only 3sli cards with built in pysx) 512mb ea.
apevia 680 watt tri-color power supply.
i currently have two lcd hooked to it one is a samsung syncmaster 22" gaming lcd with 5ms response and an hp 22" lcd i got in trade from a friend good for watching movies on. this pc can run 6 different screens at once.
and all this is enclosed in an coolermaster sniper case.(warning case prob weighs around 50lbs or so, the case is setup to glow blue except for the cpu fan is nvidia green, and the psu can do the 3 colors.)
also will be included is the logitech z5500 thx certified 5.1 surround sound. (which sounds awesome)
saitek eclispe II keyboard (has 3 color presets blue-purple-red)
and lastly the mouse is a logitech g5 gaming mouse (comes with weigh cartridges to change out for different users.
it is also running a windows 7 nvidia edition.
any feedback would be appreciated. thanks
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  1. No offence, but i wouldn't be asking that much despite all the peripherals offered at that price. Its a good sounding bundle, but the fact its an old CPU and DDR2 makes me go a bit funny about it. Also the GPU's aren't exactly up to modern standards.

    You may be better off selling each of the components individually for parts. Thats what i did with my last build.
  2. +1 - No one knowledgeable will invest much money in an LGA 775 platform machine. Just too old and offers no upgrade path. Part it out...
  3. thanks i was just curious what a few people thought about it.
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    Strip it down to parts and sell from there, you'll see a lot more success (financially). That's my advice.
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