$600 system upgrade path

Hello Mavens!

The best part of budget system builds for me is the careful tradeoff between cost & performance. I work in the industrial side of this business (6u anyone?) so I am familiar with many of the concepts but not the consumer form factors.

I have the below system and am seeking your advice on the sequence of upgrades over the next 2-3 years. I am looking for a solid, but not spectacular gaming system. My thoughts on the upgrades would be as follows (in sequence). I would like the ultimate cost to be in the ballpark of $600 bucks. Really what I am trying to do is position my sAMD system for rolling upgrades ($100-150 per year) over time.

1. Upgrade case & power supply (5 yr+ lifetime)
2. Upgrade to CPU cooler (I like the $40 gaia cooler)
3. Upgrade CPU & Mobo (Can I do this without upgrading the OEM windows?)
4. Upgrade memory and to WIndows 7
5. Upgrade Graphics card

I have an HP 4706c pavillion with:
- Mobo-Asus M2N68-LA (Narra3)
- CPU - AMD Athlon 64 X2 4400+
- RAM - 3Gb Speed: PC2-6400 MB/sec
- 300W PSU
- GPU - Radeon HD4670 (512Mb DDR3)

Thanks for your opinions.
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  1. IMHO upgrading your AM2 system isn't worth it. Save your money and do a new AM3 "budget" build when you can ($400ish now or $600 over time??).

    #3 => No. The license follows the hardware.
  2. you can get them to unlock a oem vertion you just have to claim its for a client and the psu went taking out the cpu and motherboard.. it sis a pain in the neck though
  3. Thanks - I plan on upgrading in step 3. But I think I should upgrade case/PS & cooler first. That way I would not be limited by my 300W crappy Power supply...
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