AMD Phenom II 955/965 + nvidia or radeon???


using an AMD processor, is it better to use an AMD graphics card or would it be as good to use nvidia??? Would they work better as AMD/AMD as a single manufacturer or it would not mean any difference with AMD/Nvidia??? Is it better to use AMD/Radeon and Intel/Nvidia???

thnx :)
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  1. It won't make any difference, both makes of card will work with both makes of CPU.
  2. True, compatibility isnt an issue, they will both work.

    You need to base your decision on the what manufacturer you prefer.

    For me its ATI as I have an AMD phenom and just like to keep it in the family.

    Also ATI cars are better and offer better performance in my opinion.

    So my advise go for ATI.

    Depending on your funds:

    1. 5970
    2. 5870
    3. 5850
    4. 5770
  3. What video card to buy really should come down to these things:

    Monitor Resolution
    Financial Budget
    Power Supply Specifications
    Intended Use of Video Card (which games, video editing, etc)

    AMD and nVidia both make great cards. Different models from both camps are better choices for some applications, or certain price points. :)
  4. If you can, just wait a month for the new 6 series cards to come out.
  5. thnx, so, both are good using AMD Cpu :)
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