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A friend of mine has a problem and wants to know what he should do.

i have 3 monitors, and 3 different computers on my computer desk, i have used synergy before, that did not work well for me, what could i use so i don't have 3 keyboards and 3 mouses on my computer desk?
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  1. If I'm getting this right, you appear to want 3 computers and 3 monitors, but only one keyboard and one mouse that can control any of the computers present?

    Get a Belkin USB switch. It can control up to 4 USB devices among up to 4 computers.
    Software must be installed in all computers concerned.
    It allows drag and drop of USB devices to any machine.
    It is not just for printers or scanners. It can move any USB device around to any other computer and back again (since the software is installed on all computers). Of course, you'll be using a USB mouse and keyboard in this setup.
    I use one and it works great, they just need to allow user-provided icons in their interface program, oh well, it still does the job perfectly.
    The best part... it's only $39.00
  2. i have all usb 2.0 keyboards and mouses, that doesnt look like it would fit
  3. You could use a KVM switch that supports USB a keyboard & mouse.
  4. joedood said:
    i have all usb 2.0 keyboards and mouses, that doesnt look like it would fit

    Umm... Fit? Perhaps we are missing the actual problem. The Belkin USB switch gets you down to one mouse, one keyboard on the desk to run 3 computers. You say your keyboard and mouse are USB 2.0. This is not a problem for the Belkin USB switch, it will work perfectly and is rated USB 2.0. A KVM switch is more powerful, but cost more, and still can utilize your USB 2 devices. A USB 1.0 switch can handle a USB 2.0 keyboard and mouse, unless you can type over 10 million characters per second, then everything would have be USB 2.0 but I don't know of any USB 1 switches out there anymore. The only other reasonable solution is to get a bigger desk.
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