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Ok, so long story short, my notebook has henceforth had its monitor removed, and with it, the wireless antenna cables. Repair is not an option, as I'm currently just hooking it up to a 19'' benq monitor. I'm trying to find a wireless option that willl allow me to play online games such as SC2 and Heroes of Newerth with around 100 ping. I was able to do this successfully before with the integrated wireless, so I know my router can pull it off. I'm looking for a something to grant me wireless connection either through the ethernet or USB port. I have nowhere I can put one of the expresscards or any of the notebook specific adapters so those are out of the question. I have tried a few linksys usb adapters but I'm getting pings of near 600 or worse so everything I've tried so far has failed.

I was looking at something like a wireless n access point which i could then hardwire to my computer's ethernet port, but this would be a week to obtain the device so I would like to know it works first.

TL:DR - Gateway nv laptop, no dedicated internet slots, need wireless with low ping, ethernet/usb slots available.

Thanks in advance
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  1. If you still have the laptop's screen, the antenna(s) can be removed from the screen (small screwdriver required to dismantle screen) and plugged back into the wireless adapter if you can access that easily. It's not an elegant solution having wires hanging out of the laptop so you might prefer to invest in a PCMCIA or USB wireless adapter instead.
  2. I suspect the only way you will find out is to try it. In theory if you are already running n on your router and that was working on your laptop, and WAP should not add anymore overhead than you had with your original connection, or what little overhead that is added will be masked by the hard wire connection to your laptop from the WAP. Even if you can find the specs on what overhead the WAP adds, it doesn't tell you anything about your home environment and how it will act there. Your Laptops antenna may have been a great one and allowed better signal reception than a WAP might, and placement of the WAP will also affect it's signal reception.
  3. Thanks for the idea fihart, but the wireless antenni actually have a chip at the end of each of them, and without that chip, signal is intermittent at best, nonexistant at worse, and they are only connected by a single solder drop, so that won't really work. What I'm moreso asking about is if anyone has had success using a USB adapter to play games requiring a relatively low and consistant latency, and if none of those exist, would a WAP hardwired to the ethernet connection be my best option.
  4. You will always get better results by connecting the computer to the router via an ethernet cable. Wireless is almost always slower -- often around half the speed or less.
  5. I can't connect it physically to the router though. I can connect it to a wireless-n WAP though, if that would help over my terrible experience w/ wusb adapters
  6. If your laptop has a PCMCIA slot, you might try a PCMCIA wireless card -- more expensive but seem better than USB.
  7. As I said, I have NO alternatives for slots other than USB/Ethernet. I've checked lol
  8. I have little experience of using a WAP except getting a bit confused when trying to addresss a Linksys to set it up but I have a recollection of someone recommending this instead of a USB adapter. As it connects to the computer via ethernet your USB aversion is met.

    See what happens.
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