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i am looking at 2 different laptops, and am mainly going to be using cs5 design premium, hdmi out, maybe a bit of video and audio editing. not much gaming. one has a dual core AMD phenom 2 3.0GHZ, and the other has a quad core AMD phenom 2 1.8GHZ. which processor would be better for my use? the quad laptop is $100 more, and the dual has bluray where the quad does not. they both have hdmi out. same memory amount. here are the model numbers, please tell me what i should choose. I would rather not spend the extra $100 on the quad unless i really need it. tell me what you think.

Both Toshiba,
Satellite A665D-S5175 15.6" Laptop

Satellite L675D-S7107 17.3" Laptop
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  1. get the quad it is better for graphic design and worth the exrta 100.00
  2. CS5 is a pretty demanding application for a $500 laptop. Many of those looking to do video editing are looking for CUDA capability. I'd make sure you have a "no questions asked" return policy for 30 days in case you find the software too demanding for the unit.
  3. If you're serious about graphic design you need to buy a desktop computer and have a sexy graphics card in there. Core's aren't a HUGE necessity but speed of the CPU is. That said, get a quad over a dual if you can afford it.

    Then once your actual station is set up, get cheap laptop to take your work to clients or do minor changes etc on the move.

    I've been a professioanl web developer for years and have run a development company since 2008, trust me this is the only way to do it. If you want to work purely on a laptop you need to be spending £800+ and still use a mouse really.
  4. So you spend thousands on CS5 but only want to spend $500 on the computer to run it? :non:

    Anyway, if you look at the specs the quad core only has a 1366x768 screen while the dual core runs a 1600x900 screen. The bigger screen with better resolution is great to have in Photoshop or Fireworks. Also, that quad core has a low clock speed of 1.8ghz so the 3.0Ghz dual core will actually be faster in some tasks. If you're going to be converting big videos, such as to put on the web and such, then you'll want a quad core instead.

    Personally I got a Satellite A505 last year for under $900 at newegg (which was an amazing deal at the time) for some light work and what not. While I like the i7, 4GB RAM, 500GB HD and GT 330M the 1366x768 resolution is a bit of a detriment when using CS3 or Visual Studio. Even so it's faster in many cases than the Dell with a Q9400 and crappy HD I have at work :p. If you just need something to take around with you and do work, then I say go with the dual core simply for the screen real estate and higher core speed. If this is going to be your primary work machine, then you owe it to yourself to spend a little more and get something more powerful. I think you should just go with a more powerful desktop as the workhorse though.
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