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Hello, This is my first post, here's the story
last year I purchased a regular walmart computer HP p6210y
Throughout the year I bought upgrades, including a new mobo
Now I reinstalled windows because the OS was tied to the mobo
and I have a spare mobo to do something with, my parents need a new computer
and i was wondering that if i buy the rest of the parts, can i use this old motherboard
in the new custom computer? and if i have a copy of windows 7 from MSDN (through my school)
can i install it on that new one if i already have it on my original PC?
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    You can build around the HP board no problem!
    Your Copy of windows is for one PC only but the old OS that came with the HP should work!
  2. I have already installed it on two seperate computers so far, I have a feeling it is a Developers copy, so it doesn't have the limit on it. I'm very glad to know that the HP mobo won't be an issue, but even if i buy another copy of windows, would that work on this mobo? or do i need a specific code?
  3. No any copy of Windows should work even yours if it is developers version.
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