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Hey so I finally decided what GPU option im going to go with. I watn to crossfire two 6950's on this board. The specs for the system other than that will be a OC i5-2500k and this RAM in a fractal design arc midi case. Lastly im trying to keep the mobo in the 100-150 dollar range and if possible it would be nice to have ivy bridge support.
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    I've always had good experience with ASUS boards. I listed two below that fits your criteria. The first one im not sure on the ivy support. The second one however is slightly more expensive, but seems that it will support ivy with a bios update. Just make sure you get a good power supply for that crossfire setup, those 2 cards alone will draw roughly 400 watts. Good luck!
  2. AsRock has become a real competitor in the MoBo market. Their best value product would be the Extreme3 Gen3:
  3. Despite the reviews getting betetr and better over the years, I won't get behind Asrock products till then offer the same 3 year minimum warranty that everybody else does. The ASUS P8P67 Pro is a great board, as is the ASUS P8Z68-V/GEN3
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