Build me a computer please :D (thank you)

Only a few things I "want" it to be able to do.
A motherboard capable of upgrading processors from a P5 to P7
able to run multiple Office applications and sufficient memory to save Photo shop CS4/5 and movies
graphics card capable of handling CS4/5

no price range really but lets just say 1300 max us dollars for case and components
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  1. If you want a computer for Photoshop I would strongly recommend waiting a (week? month? who knows?!?) bit for the Sandy Bridge motherboards to come back out. I'm sure Adobe will take advantage of Quicksync for future builds.
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  3. Approximate Purchase Date: ASAP

    Budget Range: 1300 max

    System Usage from Most to Least Important: Needs to have motherboard capable of upgrading from I5 processor to an I7 processor Mid/High end office use, capable of running Multiple office applications, able to handle adobe photoshopCS4/5, enough drive space to house larger graphics/video, documents.

    Parts Not Required: monitor, mouse, keyboard

    Just want the CPU Motherboard and Memory/hard drive i will get anything else myself (those three i don't know what i want/need is all)
  4. CPU - intel i7 2600k - 329$
    Motherboard - Asus Maximus IV Extreme (cant find the price, should be arround 300$)
    Memory - CORSAIR DOMINATOR GT 12GB (3 x 4GB) 2000mhz -349$
    Total - 978 $
    If you need a GPU i would recommend
    If you need a CPU cooler for overclocking i would recommend this (best air cooler IMO)
    If you need a PSU, this is a really good one
    If you need a case
    Hope i helped you ^.^ :)
  5. If you cant wait for Intel to fix their Sandy Bridge motherboards, you can get an and
    Here is a bench to see the difference in the CPU performance : If i were you i would wait :/ Srsly SB is alot better than the i7 950, you can get an i7 1 gen. hexa-core to beat the SB but that would be a total waste of cash.
  6. Sorry for long reply but thank you very much help.
  7. go for the built of oc_mania! very nice and powerful built there... strongly recommend Sandy Bridge (i7 2600K) K=unlocked which means, you can overclock it if you want for even more performance.
  8. I'm not sure about the p5/p7 part... But this will definetly run photoshop. Also, now that I think about it, 8gb can actually be used, srry about that. You might actually want 12gb. Your call.
  9. And an 850watt psu? REALLY? hes not going to run crossfire/sli.... And look, I know that the sandy bridges are all great, and I agree. But he just wants to run photoshop!!! Sorry for all the posts, Ill be quiet now.
  10. He has a nice budget, why shouldnt he build a rig that will last him a long time and could be used for more than Photoshop ?
  11. hes could use the extra money to buy a very nice mouse and keyboard... Or better yet, a very nice monitor...
  12. Quote : `Parts Not Required: monitor, mouse, keyboard`
    Another quote `Just want the CPU Motherboard and Memory/hard drive`
    And that reminded me i didnt list a HDD :D
    And if you want (only if you want) a SSD for your opperating system and programs/games to load faster : you can say this is the best SSD atm, here is a review of it . If you think its too pricey you can go with some Corsair SSD.
  13. Ok, fine... He can get a very nice ssd... Or better yet two ssd's in raid 0...:)
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