So I've taken your advice

As youve probably seen, ive posted a fair amount over the community on help over a GPU (Ended up getting a Asus Gtx 460 1Gb) ... Thankyou very much for the help there !! :ange:

Im in need of some more help !

So ive easily installed the GPU, and can straight away see higher FPS in my game, i just seem to be getting jumpy patches in my game >.< For example: i could be playing COD B.O, FPS is high, but still looks jumpy when playing, then at times, freezes for a seconds, then the game would resume .... (i think its down to the CPU or RAM)


CPU: Intel Core 2 Duo E7400 2.88 @ 3.90Ghz
RAM: 2GB DDR2 Kingston hyper gaming (not sure on Freq.)
GPU: Asus Gtx 460 1Gb
Mobo: Asus P5ql-E
PSU: Antec arctic power 700W

Advice on any Quad cores (LGA 775) ?

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  1. 4GB of RAM will help you more than anything. CPU is fine at 3.9 and should handle any graphics card.
  2. Thinking you need a bump on both the CPU and memory. A Core 2 Quad would be a good upgrade as well as at least 2GB more memory. The catch there is you just dropped AT LEAST $200 on an LGA 775 system. That jack goes a long way toward a new MB + CPU... IMHO don't spend any more money on the 775 platform that can't be carried over to a new platform (Sandy Bridge / I-Series). That leaves you with possible upgrades to the hard drive (SSD would be a good upgrade), GPU (already covered), and a PSU (you may already be good there depending on model). Good luck!
  3. I'd say get a 2x2GB RAM kit and go from there. Since that's DDR2, make sure it will run at its advertised timings on the JEDEC standard 1.8V.
  4. Thanks for the fast replies, on the money side, i figured, its probably going to be cheaper for me to stick with the 775's and just up the GPU and RAM, simply from what ive heard, quad is as far as games are going to go any time soon ....

    if i was to go up a notch, id be looking at the Ksampanna build (Top custoemr i5 build in TomsHardware search) but still, thats about 900 Uk Sterling, where has, if i was to bump up my CPU and RAM, the top (including GPU) will be 300 ish :(

    So, how much RAM and what quad maybe ?

    Keep the ideas rolling ^_^
  5. Add 4GB of memory that matches the timings on your current memory (for a total of 6), then see if you are still having those issues. If so, try upgrading your boot drive to an SSD (..if you don't already have one). If after that you are still seeing the problem, then consider a CPU upgrade. The SSD can be used in a future PC which is why I would recommend it over the CPU purchase. Overclocked to 3.9GHz on your dual core may be just fine with the memory bump...
  6. Out of interested, ive never really ready anything to do with SSD's ... how would this benefit games ? Run speedS ?
  7. You'd only see a bump in load times, but other than that, the SSDs don't have a huge impact on gaming.
  8. boiler1990 said:
    You'd only see a bump in load times, but other than that, the SSDs don't have a huge impact on gaming.

    Yep, although levels load about instantly I did not see an increase in FPS when I upgraded. All things that were hard drive limited basically now are not.
  9. Ok, so really were looking at throwing in 4Gb of RAM to back up the GPU ? Nothing to do with more Cores ?
  10. The RAM is the cheaper upgrade of the two. Plus, 4GB RAM for gaming is essentially a minimum, for a dual or quad core. If the RAM doesn't cut it, a CPU upgrade would probably help. However, like sadams said, spending the money on a new 775 CPU wouldn't be as cost effective as waiting a while until you get the money to jump to 1156 or a comparable AMD chipset.
  11. Ive got the money, just not too keen on spending it >.<

    How much more effective would a i5 be from a highly clocked quad core anywho ?
  12. If you want to compare CPUs, play around with the comparison chart here:

    Keep in mind that the i5-600s are dual cores, and the i5-700s are quad cores.

    Given the price of the i5 quad and dual cores, I would go for a quad. The i5-750/760 is one of the most recommended Intel CPUs for gaming.

    It's AMD counterpart is the Phenom II X4 955, which is $50 cheaper, and the motherboards tend to be cheaper as well.
  13. Back on main topic the answer to any problems you are having is doubling your memory. You have a still good CPU and GPU combo but 4GB even on a 32bit OS will be a huge upgrade.
  14. Myself, ive always been with Intel, so thats a starter ... thankyou for the link, il look at this now !! its just that im trying to save money =)
  15. Ok, so if i was to upgrade to that 6Gb of DDR2 RAM with that CPU & GPU ... how long would this last in your opinions of newer games coming out ....

    Still need to look at that link for comparisons, but still, thats about 4oo pounds with that 160 processor i got ... stil in budget but i just wanted to refrain from spending that much
  16. DDR3 only for new hardware.......unless you go AMD.

    What you have now is very similar to what I have now. Core2 at 4ghz and a GTX460. With my 4GB of RAM I can play every game I have tried on high settings. Fallout series, Dragon Age, ect.
  17. Brilliant, thats exactly the kind of advice i want D: so simply, RAM it like no tomorrow xD any particular Freq ?
  18. DDR2 800 that is JDEC timed at 1.8v and 5-5-5-15 cas. Higher voltage and lower cas is ok as well. Mine is 2.1v and 4-4-4-12 stock and I am running it at 2.0v at 5-5-5-15 cas @900mhz.
  19. Im not too clever with the RAM side of things .... want to give me a quick brief over o.0
  20. Just go to and use the memory selector.

    gladwin said:
    Im not too clever with the RAM side of things .... want to give me a quick brief over o.0
  21. Brilliant, again i cant thank Toms Community enough !
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