First build- few questions

Hello all. First off this is my first build. Had a small nightmare with Windows (tried dragging an upgraded version from a previous PC and didnt work- had to do clean install. So I am up and running and really have 2 questions:
1: my temps on my CPU in BIOS reads CPU- 38 C/100F then Mobo 28 C/82F- am i supposed to freak out on the "F" number or remain calm going by the C number? (Forgive my ignorance)- CoreTemp shows idle 33-35C and underload as high as 47C

2: RAM- I was BSOD several times and adjusted the BIOS to read 1333 and upped voltage to 1.5 (was at 1.32): was I right in doing this? have not blue screened since. The timing settings also dont reflect the timing sticker on the ram- should I be concerned to make adjustments?


M4A77TD Asus mobo
Phenom II X4 3.4ghz
4gig AData 1333G series RAM
Xigmatek Loki SD963 cooler
XFX Radeon HD5670
Case is an Antec 300- 3 120mm intake/ 1 140mm & 1 120mm exhaust
Hec Compcase 575watt PSU
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  1. 1. You shouldn't freak at either set of temps -- those are all quite normal.

    2. Unless you bought specific low-voltage RAM (1.35v) then it should be set at 1.5v spec if that's what the RAM is rated at. You should adjust the timings in the BIOS to whatever the label says.
  2. Welcome to the forum! I agree with Leaps-From-Shadows, you have nothing to worry about with those temps.
  3. Thanks- as for the RAM it isnt low voltage but my mobo auto set that amount- here it is:

    as for setting the timing (this is the one part I am leery on)- if its 8-8-8-24 when i go to the BIOS screen and find the Ram settings- the numbers listed straight down shoud be this order? do I leave any additional number settings alone? (the "timing" number seems longer on the BIOS screen- again forgive my ignorance. Goggled my brains out on this and just cant get an understandable procedure.

    Thanks again!
  4. I've been having problems with this to lately as i have just come to understand some things about the RAM.Here's what i find to be the easiest thing to do...Download "CPUID CPU-Z",Go under the "SPD" tab on the left, select which slot your RAM is in,below, the Timings Table you will see all availbe timings for your RAM and voltage.Set everything exactly how you see it from top to bottom to what frequency you want the RAM to run at.

    Heres an example.

    Don't use those timings their for different RAM and speed.Just an example.
  5. Could you provide a link to your mobo?
  6. oh I ran the CPUID CPU-Z- so I adjusted the timings as listed 8-8-8-22 as listed on the sticker (& 30TRC). (left all other numbers alone in the string of numbers) Only one question- the CPUID states that is 609Mhz- but in the BIOS am I right to select 1333Mhz? that is what the RAM is.

    Thanks again!
  7. It list 609mhz because the memory is Dual Channel.So you double that number and you get 1333mhz.But yes you are correct for select 1333mhz in the BIOS.

    So does everything work now?
  8. the f means farenheit and the c means in celcius those temperatures seem fine to me
  9. What voltage do you have it set at?
  10. I have it set to 1.5v at the moment.

    @purple Stank-so far i have been blue screen free for 2 days now and i have ran several applications and games so it is looking good. I have 4g more coming in from newegg to fill all my slots.
  11. ***contd*** I did actually crash one last time after I changed the timings to the 8's- and windows ran a memtest of sort. All came back no issues. A little worried I changed the timings back to the 9's and here I am today with no bsod for 2 days. I still left it at 1333 and 1.5 volts. Is that bad or ok if I am good with the performance.

    Should I have upped the voltage more when increasing the timings to the 8's? does that help increase stability? The Ram does give a range of voltage from 1.55 to 1.75 so technically I am slightly under.
  12. keep it stock settings, u wont run in as much problems,
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