Motherboards for core 2 quad 2.4 ghz, q6600

Hi all,

I had a system with the following specs assembled in 2008:

nvidia 680i LT SLI motherboard
Core 2 quad , 2.4 Ghz - q6600
XFX 8800 GT 512 mb Alpha Dog Edition
3*2 GB ddr 2 ram

However a week back the system went bust and the tech guys told me that the voltage chip on the motherboard was not functioning. The voltage chip doesnt seem to be available and I have to purchase a new board.

I was trying to find a motherboard with 2011 features like DDR 3 and USB 3.0 etc. Something that would also be compatible with other hardware that I already have.

It was hard to really search with these specifications and I finally zeroed in on nforce 790i ultra sli. I would like to know the following:

1. Is the motherboard good or does it have some problems? Is it the best choice or are there better ones out there ?
2. How much RAM will the motherboard support - the system will be used for heavy video editing (not gaming)

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  1. just get a new cheap socket 775 g41 chipset motherboard, they are around $40-60. Either that or go on ebay to find something. you only have one video card so i guess you dont need it to be SLI capable.
  2. Hi

    Thanks to all !!!

    I finally understood socket 775 and g41 chipset :D

    I went with gigabyte motherboard which supports ddr2 as well as dd3 ram. seems good enough for the price - INR 2200 (approx $40) !

    However there is a minor problem (as usual). In my urgency to buy a motherboard, I forgot that my initial motherboard (680i lt sli) had onboard firewire. And now this board doesnt have one. So I would be delighted if someone can suggest good video capture cards.

    I have had experience with pinnacle capture cards, which were bought way back in 2004-2005. The new ones seem to be better (with hardware rendering etc.) I have about 500 mini dvs and a couple of VHS (really bad quality but need convert them to digital). I have also heard of timecode and other such devices which help in capturing data better from analog sources.

    Keeping these in mind and please suggest :

    1. Medium range cards (medium quality)
    2. High range cards.

    Again, thanks for the prompt replies !!

  3. Sorry I just realized that this is a motherboard only sections. I ll repost this on the appropriate board.
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