Windows 2000 virtual vs windows 7 dual boot

I need to have win2k on my computer (hp dv7 win7 GR) which is the best way to go meaning stable system and proper operation. I have tried a virtual pc but it made a mesh wile I was trying to install my ethernet plotter, scanner, printer, and some programs that require a usb key to work.
Currently I am working on two computers one win2k one win7 I would appreciate some more space on my desk.
Thankful for any suggestions
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  1. I will have to say you are going to run into driver problem for your hardware on W2K (I tried W2k on new hardware as well), so it will be a mess just like the VM. Just use virtual machine.
  2. Virualbox + win2k, as VB will provide all the drivers and you can access the hosts USB's, Net etc without screwing it up.
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