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OK, I just bought my son this PC with this motherboard (checked with PC maker) and I wanted to upgrade it to 8gb (2x 4GB). It comes with 4GB DDR3 1333 from the manufacturer, but crucial says to use DDR 1600 here Before I buy anything I was wondering which would run faster and be stable without having to mess with BIOS settings if possible. I really appreciate the help. Thank you =)

Edit: This will mostly be used for gaming with a nvidia 550ti will the extra RAM make a big difference?
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    The extra RAM is unlikely to have any effect on gaming, unless you've got some large stuff running background while doing that.

    And you will also not notice the difference in speed between those choices. Both should run and be stable, the faster one will be faster, but you will not see it in real world applications, ie, gaming.
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