New System not Functioning


Thanks in advance for your help.

I am a semi-rookie who recently built my first PC in 20 yrs.

The cpu light is red on the mobo, indicating that there is something wrong with it. I'm wondering if there is something I can do that is quick and simple to get it to work. The power standby is green, indicating power is fine. There are no images sent to the monitor. The fans are all running. There is no spinning of the HDDs.

The red light comes on immediately.

The system has the following components:

Asus Sabretooth x58 mobo
Intel i7-950 cpu
Corsair 6GB 3x2GB (checked to be compatible on the Asus site)
Corsair TX850 psu
MSI GTX470 twin frozr
2x Samsung HDDs (not yet configured in any way)
LG Blu-Ray burner
Samsung PX 2370 Monitor
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  1. Maybe the green light is only indicating that the motherboard is powered (24 pin connector)? Do you have the 4 (or 8) pin connector in as well? I believe that powers the CPU
  2. Yes... all pins on the mother board power are connected.
  3. I just realized that the Dram light is also red, indicating a problem with the memory as well.

    The memory was placed in the suggested a1, b1, and c1 positions. The memory is also clipped in properly. Ugh...
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    Welcome, Newcomer. Have you worked through our standard troubleshooting checklist yet? If not, follow the link in my signature. Note that there is a link to a breadboarding guide, by jsc. If the troubleshooting guide doesn't help find the problem, try breadboarding.
  5. Ok... I have a "duh" moment on my hands now.

    Thanks to this awesome community for being such an incredible resource.
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  7. What was the issue?
  8. Didn't plug in the extra power to the CPU. Doh!
  9. Jasper... thanks for your help. I didn't realize that was what you were talking about. The link from T__T had a picture of it.

    You guys were both talking about the same thing.
  10. Glad you figured it out... it has happened to me too!
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