Clone desktop? (Same res, different video cards)

Is it possible to clone desktop across multiple video cards? I am currently running 2x480SLI (video) and a 450 (audio to receiver). It is necessary to run independant connections because there is video lag through the receiver. Because of the separate connections, nVidia acts as if it is two monitors and is spanning the desktop accordingly. Since there is no physical second monitor, my mouse is often lost... especially a problem in gaming.

nVidia control panel is not giving me the option to clone the desktop though. Is there a force or hack to allow this, since it's the same resolution?

I tried connecting the TV and receiver both to the 450 but that removes SLI from the 480's for some reason. The purpose of the 450 is for bitstreaming btw.
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  1. Don't go to the Nvidia CP, use the standard windows desktop settings, in display panel uncheck the "Extend my desktop onto this monitor"
    And it'll all be fine.....
  2. Nope, doing that disables bitstreaming. :(
  3. Ok, let me clear this up a little, cos I'm confused :(
    you've got 2 NV480s in SLI and another 450 in the computer or is it a 450DHTR by Yamaha?
    Or is t a Quadro NVS450 ? or GTS 450?
    You say there is no other Physical Monitor, yet you're connecting it to your Tele??
    Is that your monitor or is the Tele a virtual thing?
    It would be nice to see the specs of your rig with all components in it and those you are connecting it to.
  4. So you are running HDMI from the 450 to the reciever for the sole purpose of bitstreaming HD audio, because your reciever lags the HDMI video? In that case why not just run a single HDMI from your primary 480 and then use a splitter at the end to split the signal to the TV and the reciever? Honestly I don't know if what you are trying to do is even possible, but it seems totally uneccesary unless I'm misunderstanding what you are trying to accomplish.
  5. I had not thought of a splitter before but that might work. At this point, I am not willing to throw much more money on the problem but might use the evga upgrade program when the 580's are released if they enable bitstreaming. Still, I would need two connections as my receiver has video lag rending from a PC.

    My situation is that I am simply trying to bitstream audio from my computer to my receiver. True, LPCM and bitstreaming sound virtually the same but I was going to utilize bitstreaming because the GTS 450 is capable.

    Basically, I have 2x evga 480's in SLI with one connection out to my TV through a DVI to HDMI cable. I also have an evga GTS 450 with a mini hdmi cable to my receiver for bitstreaming. The problem is that because these are utilizing two separate connections and are two separate devices, it thinks they are two monitors.

    However, because the connections are coming from two different sources (one for 450 and one from 480's) it will not allow me to clone, only extend. If I disable the receiver, whether through nVidia control panel or Windows 7, it stops sending a signal altogether, this means no bitstreaming.

    That said, instead of connecting from the 450, I can just use the mini hdmi port on the 480's but I lose bitstreaming (LPCM is ok). Doing this allows me to clone the monitors.

    The reason I dont have just one mini hdmi connection to the receiver is because there is some kind of video lag or delay. It most noticeable especially when moving the mouse. Truthfully, I should get a new receiver but this one works fine aside from this one circumstance. This video lag is prevalent regardless of settings on the receiver, TV or computer.
  6. Ok, does your sound card have and SPDIF output?
    If it does, then try connecting that to the receiver and use the 480's Mini HDMI to the tele . Then I guess you'll have two cloned monitors and the audio source still intact, we'll check about the lagging if you have a problem after that...
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