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I need suggestions for a media streaming and backup server. I'm not sure what Kind of Hardware to use... I was looking at boards with the atom processor (Specifically D425 and D525) but most only have two SATA ports, and that is probably a bad thing considering this will be used for backups. Also most only have a PCI slot so I can't really get a SATA 3.0GB/s PCI card for extra slots. I'm going to re-rip my CD's with dB power amp into FLAC files, so I should save 50GB-500GB for that. Then system backups, etc. So I was thinking 1.5TB total or 1TB in raid 1? I don't know. If I can get the build under $350 I think that would be great. For backups, I was thinking of every month or two weeks.

Could you all give me some suggestions on Hardware? or tell me your setup if you have one?
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  1. Asus motherboard, Amd athlon 2 processor, samsung spinpoint f4 drives.

    of course its dependent on what software you'll be running, this would handle windows home server fine and be super if not overkill for a linux based solution; something like freenas or myth backend.
  2. I was thinking of the 760g Chipset and the Athlon II 245 or Sempron 140. I might do a little bit of transcoding/encoding/etc. so the extra power would be nice. But I'm mostly concerned about keeping power usage LOW.

    EDIT: I'm too cheap for WHS so I will running some linux distro.
  3. the athlon 2 is more powerful than the sempron since the sempron is mono-core, and the extra power will be useful for transcoding, encoding ;)
  4. ^I know that much but like I said I was going for power then performance.
  5. than go with the sempron if u want to use less power, but it wont be as good for encoding, etc
  6. Couldn't I underclock and lower the voltage of the processor to reduce heat?
  7. yes u could,lower cpu voltage and lower clock speed would lower ur thermal temperature and run cooler
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