Shouldn't my system be better than that ?

I decided to try the PC version of Oblivion on my computer. At the end of the installation it said the ideal setting for my system is medium. Medium ?! Shouldn't I be able to play a 5 year old game on the highest settings with my system ?
I have an intel I7 930, GTX480 & 6 GB of RAM
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    The game, being five years old, probably does not recognize your graphics card and assumes a generic card installed. The only reason you got "medium" is because of your CPU speed and RAM available.

    Just a guess, though.

    -Wolf sends
  2. ^ +1

    Turn Oblivion up to 11. Your system will have no problems.
  3. You don't have to stick with what the installation picks for your quality settings. You can set the resolution to the maximum your monitor supports, max out all quality sliders in the game, and see for yourself if you get a playable frame rate. If not, you can try turning them down a bit at a time. However, since I get a playable frame rate at 2560x1600 with max quality (except antialiasing, which I only set to 4x) on my ATI 5770, a GTX 480 (4 tiers higher according to the latest hierarchy chart) should have no problems with highest settings.
  4. You will definitely be able to max everything. Annoyingly, Oblivion doesn't let you use anti-aliasing with bloom turned on, so if you want the best of both worlds, you can enable AA outside the game using your gpu's drivers.

    However, if you plan on modding the game significantly, it'll be a different story. There are graphical mods that make the game just as impressive as 2010 releases. Unfortunately Oblivion's version of the Gamebryo engine is very poorly optimized for multi-core processors, and a heavy load of graphics and AI altering mods can challenge any cpu currently on the market. The results are definitely worth the effort though!
  5. Yea, it works fine maxed out.
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